Our Giving

Because of our INCREDIBLE customers we can give new packaway travel bags to INCREDIBLE care experienced children and young people

What we give?  We give new packaway travel bags.  These are intentionally of a compact size to enable them to be stored in the context of limited space along with being plain with no branding as we do not wish to stigmatise the children and young people.  To encourage the child/young person a label is attached to each bag that says "YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! Value | Worth | Dignity."
How do the bags get to the children?  The bags are mainly given to the children and young people through local health trusts, councils, agencies and charities working with looked after children.  Foster carers, Kinship carers and young people who are in care or leaving care can also request bags directly. 
Who can request a bag?  Social Workers, Foster Carers, Kinship Carers, Charities, Trusts/Councils, Agencies, Young People in care or leaving care.

How many bags can be requested at any one time?  

  • 40 Bags - Charities/Trusts/Councils   
  • 10 Bags - Social Workers/Emergency Foster Carers/Residential Homes
  • 1 Bag for each child - Foster Carers/Kinship Carers/Young Person in care: 

How to request a free bag?  All you need to do is complete and submit the request form by following link.